Hello, my name is Nemanja Manojlovic

I am a Software Engineer who is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Software Engineer

Full Stack

Strong background in full stack development and cloud infrastructure.

Knowledge Driven

Continuously keeping up to date with new technologies and in line with leading industry standards.


Developing and executing effective plans and strategies to achive long-term goals.

Selected Work

Take a look below at some of my featured work for clients from the past few years.

Blog Posts

Occasionally I write tech blog posts, feel free to check them out.

  • The Linux Terminal Preamble

    The Linux Terminal Preamble

    Hello there, This is my first post in the terminal guide series. The terminal guide series shares some of my knowledge about the terminals with you. Who is This Series for? Everyone who wants to learn more about terminals can read this series. From ...

My Hobbies

My hobbies are designing logos, illustrations, and user interfaces, hobbyist photography, thinkering with electronics and spending time with dogs.