Miki Cloud


I developed and designed companie's website.

Image showcasing Miki Cloud logo, and website preview on laptop device.

While working at Miki Cloud, I collaborated with a team of professional DevOps practitioners who specialize in building infrastructure, automating development processes, and providing a wide range of cloud integration services to help businesses achieve faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. During my time there, I designed and developed the company’s website, and I am currently receiving part-time mentoring from their devops team on CI/CD technologies. This has helped me greatly improve my skills in automation and cloud integration.

Miki Cloud provides a variety of services, including Kubernetes Consulting, Site Reliability Engineering, and Cloud Engineering. Kubernetes Consulting includes extensive experience with bare-metal Kubernetes deployments and operations on various hardware. Site Reliability Engineering focuses on engineering service reliability to meet client Service Level Agreements. Cloud Engineering involves streamlining processes and workflows between development and operations teams and building automated systems that run secure and optimized containerized apps on clients’ preferred private clouds.

The company uses a range of technologies, including Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Azure DevOps, Docker, Terraform, Gitlab, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Linux, Redhat, Apache Kafka, and Python.

The company is available for contact through its website and has an Upwork account where potential clients can view its work history and ratings.

In summary, Miki Cloud specializes in helping businesses automate their development processes and integrate with the cloud. The company offers a diverse range of services, uses a variety of technologies, and has partners to deliver high-quality services. Overall, Miki Cloud is a great choice for businesses looking to integrate with the cloud and automate their development processes.